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Since it was my dream to be on the pages of Bride and Breakfast (It's every bride's dream, right?!),  and unfortunately, mine didn't come true. I'll be the one who will feature our wedding instead here on my own blog. Kidding aside, Dave and I just turned 1 year last March 21 and wow how time flies especially if you're having all the fun. I'm happy because he's supportive, kahit sa mga kaartehan ko, especially during our wedding preparation. He's always game even if sometimes he doesn't understand all my crazy ideas! He embraces my dorkiness and I can see that he's doing great as a father.

Enough for the cheesy-ness. We've only  got less than 4 months for all the preparations we need and we didn't hire a wedding planner. Why? Let's just say I'm that kind of person who likes to be hands-on especially on things like this. And I was overwhelmed, I didn't expect that being a coordinator-slash-wedding planner is hard. I'm telling you now, if you feel like being creative and wants to add some personal touch to your wedding, you better start doing your projects ahead of time. Say...6 months before your wedding. DIY projects can be time-consuming if you'll ask me but it's all worth it. Still, it's all up to you if you'll hire someone who will get all things ready on the big day. There's no problem with that. It's actually hassle-free especially if you're busy at work.

Theme: Rustic & Romantic

I chose this theme because, first of all, I like the idea of weddings on a summer day. And it's always summer here in our country. Second, for budget matters. We don't have to worry about the materials we needed to achieve the style. It's super easy to look for the resources.
My Tita helped us with the flower arrangement. I told her that as much as possible we wanted to cut costs when it comes to flowers. Some of the decors we used are, well, also repurposed. We collected glass containers in different shapes and sizes. Yes, those containers from Ladies Choice and the like! Some foliage and fillers she used for the centerpieces are from her garden. Chopped woods gathered from barrios. The perks of living in the Province! To make it look more rustic, we used burlap and jute sacks my mom bought in Divisoria. 


Okay, invitations are a bit pricey, and only few people would keep it, right? So, to spend less, I knew right away that I have to DIY. I used katsa for a change. They sell it for PHP 30.00/yard in our local market. I designed it using Photoshop, and had it heat-pressed by a friend who owns a t-shirt printing shop. It also works as an envelope, too. The names of our entourage, RSVP, and the map was printed on specialty paper. Though it looks weird, but it worked anyways!

Wedding Favors.
For the Guests. My mom prepared the Strawberry Preserve 2 days before the wedding. We bought the glass containers in Divisoria for only PHP15 per piece. I also did the labels using my mad photoshop skills. haha
For our Ninangs, we gave them lamps. You can find a wide array of lamps in different designs at Tutuban Primeblocks! To make it more presentable, we dressed it up with Abaca bag
For our Ninongs, we gave them Welch's Sparkling Wine. You can buy them in the liquor section of any grocery stores. Try Puregold or SM Hypermarket.
For the Bridesmaids, we gave them purse that will match their dresses. 
For the Groomsmen, we gave them Miniature Liquors since they all like to booze. Just kidding! You can buy them online or try Robinson's Galleria (I forgot the name of the shop) & SM Hypermarket's liquor section.

Naked Cake! Again, hindi po yan kinulang sa icing or frosting ha? lol I opted for Naked Cake over Fondant to complement our theme. Fine, if you insist, for budget matters na rin. loljk. Care of  Tita Wai, she knows how to make yummy sweets and pretty cakes!
Bridal Bouquet. Making this took me longer than I expected! But I enjoyed making it. Here I made a separate post about my bridal bouquet. And that's my husband's last minute boutonniere. 

Here are some of the few things I did:


Now that our wedding's done, to the brides-to-be out there, I'm giving you my two cents. There are two things I've learned from my wedding. First of all, it's okay  if not everything you wanted and wished for your wedding can actually happen. It happens to most of us and see? We're still doing fine. Second, if you've already decided to DIY your wedding, do your projects now or ahead of time. And don't forget to have fun on your big day!

To help you with your planning, here is the list of our wedding suppliers you might need:

Hope in some ways this will help you. Just enjoy your wedding.
By the way, if you want me to feature your wedding, don't be shy to send me a message.

*Photos courtesy of Shianne Gomez Photography

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