My Handmade Wedding: Fabric Flower Bouquet

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Weddings don't come cheap. So, if you're looking for some ways to cut costs, here's an idea to help you - DIY bridal bouquet. If you're working on a tight budget, you can opt for something cheap but chic bouquet like mine. Plus, I don't have to mind if it'll turn into an unappealing brown after my wedding. And this only cost me less than P500 for all the materials!


Most of the materials I've used to create this came from scraps. To cut our expenses, I asked my seamstress to keep the fabric scraps because I'm gonna turn them into flowers. So each flowers matches my bridesmaids' and my own wedding dress. As for the stem, I saw a fancy-looking twig, and thought to myself, 'they'll never know'. So I wrapped it with lots of jute strings so they'll never recognize it. But now you know. So, moving on...I added some old laces and ribbons from my Nanay's magic baul. You can buy styro balls on your local craft store. Brooches and fake gems bought in Divisoria. Sprinkled some pixie dust and voila! By the way, I didn't use this for bouquet toss because I don't want to make our wedding the most memorable day by ending up with a bruised guest. 

I can't provide you any directions on how I made this because I suck when it comes to giving directions. But I'm gonna give some of my tips and some tutorials from other blogs for you to get started.

styrofoam ball 
wood or anything that will work as a stem 
different kinds of fabric 
lace ribbons 
jute strings 
brooches/fake gems/sparkly things
glue gun/glue sticks 
circular templates (different sizes) 
scissors pen needle & thread


1. Pin is a nifty tool if you're not yet sure where or how to place those flowers.
2. Wrap your styro ball with fabric (I used katsa) before you stick those flowers. The hot glue will only melt the styro. 
3. I use lace to fill those gaps between each flowers.
4. Making this took me more than a week...a week before our wedding. So start your project as early as now.

Follow Rai's board DIY Fabric Flowers on Pinterest.
For step-by-step instructions try to visit THE DIY MOMMY and/or Martha Stewart

What do you think of this project? I hope you too will enjoy making yours!

*Photos courtesy of Shianne Gomez Photography

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