Twenty Sixteen

7:12 AM

Ahhhh New Year. There is always something about the first month of the year that is pretty cleansing. It’s like the first blank page in a newly opened book. New year resolutions aren’t really my thing. But thought it would be nice to start off the year with a few plans/goals, and stuff that I’d like to do in my lifetime.

This year I will...

  • Have a healthy relationship with God and the people around me.
  • Reunite with people I’ve encountered in the past and helped me evolve into this person I am now. To forgive and start fresh.
  • Surround myself with people who can lead me to the direction of my dreams and at the same time make new friends.
  • Keep the love alive!
  • Save up for our future endeavors.
  • Have the courage to follow my dreams no matter how absurd they are.
  • Practice patience & self-control.
  • Find an unwavering time to learn new things, try something different, and acquire more skills. Have
  • Cultivate in me a thankful heart.
  • I also hope that our plans will push through this year.

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